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Employer's Order Form

To order an employment handwriting analysis report, fill out this form, print it and fax it or mail it to the address below. For a personal analysis, use the personal analysis order form.

Employers should read our Employers' Guidelines.

  • Include a sample of the candidate's handwriting with this order.
  • Use a full sheet (8.5 x 11) of unlined paper and a ballpoint pen.
  • With script writing, fill the entire page with anything of interest. Do not copy the text.
  • Be sure to end the page with a signature(s)!

Employers' reports are completed within three business days and written in English. We provide analysis of Roman alphanumeric script only. Money orders are accepted from US customers only. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted for all customers. All orders are processed in US Dollars only. Appropriate shipping charges apply for international shipments.

There are two standard reports for employers using handwriting analysis in the hiring process:

  1. Standard Report. This report examines the candidates personality traits, belief systems and values. The report sections include Motivating Forces, Self-Image, Intellectual Preferences, Social Style, Emotional Responses, Defense Mechanisms and Work Style.
  2. Job Matching Report. This report includes all items in the standard report, plus maps desirable traits directly to the job description. Graphs are included to show percentage of match in each trait area, and job compatibility.

Candidate Identifier (first name, number, etc.) Male Female Decline to state

Job Title         Job Description with desired traits attached? Yes No

Where should we mail / e-mail the handwriting analysis report?

Your Name and Title

Company Name

Full Street Address

City, State, Zip and Country

E-mail Address (preferred method for sending report in PDF format)

Phone Number and Area Code

Fax Number and Area Code

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Expiration Month & Year

Your Signature authorizing Ocampa to charge your credit card

 Service Qty Price Total
 Standard Report  $ 90 each
 Job Match Report $ 135 each
 Fax the Report $ 5 per report
 24 hr. Expedite $ 50 per report
 48 hr. Expedite $ 25 per report
 Ship FedEx Actual charges
 International Ship Actual charges
 Custom Report By quote
   Grand Total

How did you find us? And comments, suggestions or questions:

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Tel:   916 . 952 . 3637   (USA)
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