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Employer's Guide

The remarks below are not intended to constitute legal advice, but serve as general comments and information regarding handwriting analysis for employment purposes.

First, it is advisable to notify a candidate that they will be graphologically assessed. Many employers use a waiver form. It is not unusual for an employer to notify a candidate that they must go through drug testing prior to employment or that an aptitude or skills test is required as part of the hiring process. The graphological test can be used similarly.

Second, the graphology test should be applied EQUALLY AND CONSISTENTLY if it is to be a requirement of the hiring process. The handwriting analysis should be only one tool utilized by the hiring firm to assess employment suitability along with other data, observations and an interview to determine employability with the firm.

Third, a copy of the report should be made a part of the individual's personnel file and available for the same individual for reading and discussion. In the US, the individual has the right to refuse having his handwriting analyzed and may not be denied employment on the sole basis of refusing.

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the use of graphology in the hiring process, we recommend you seek advice from your labor law legal counsel regarding applicable laws in your area.

As a matter of privacy, we do not require an individual's full name in order to provide an analysis. You may designate the samples by any method you deem appropriate (by a number, Operations Manager Candidate #1, by first name only, etc.) We ask for an indication of gender if you want the report to be produced with the proper pronoun.

You may want to review our Code of Ethics. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.


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