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About Us

Ocampa has been providing handwriting analysis services for businesses and individuals since 1991. Besides being trained in the science of graphology; we have expertise in business management, people management, labor law practices, recruiting and hiring, so we understand your issues and concerns.

It is our utmost priority to provide a professional, objective and valuable service for our business clients. We adhere to high standards of integrity and follow the handwriting analyst Code of Ethics.

It is the policy of Ocampa to provide handwriting analysis reports only to authorized officers of the client company, such as the human resources manager, hiring committee, or the applicant's prospective immediate supervisor; or a representative designated by an authorizing officer.

Because confidentiality is of utmost importance, when a report is to be faxed, Ocampa will first call the client and ask that the designated representative wait at the fax machine until the report is safely in that person's hands.

When you begin using our services, we will provide you with a complete Employers Starter Kit. This kit includes important information for employment clients, sample guidelines, waiver forms, agreements, price lists and order forms.

If this is your first time using handwriting analysis, we have carefully researched common issues and provide solutions and guidance to you during the entire process. We are not a replacement for your employment law counsel, but as your employment consultant, we are here to help in any way we can.

We look forward to working with you. --- Desiree Richmond, owner


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