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What is graphology?

Graphology is the study of behavior through analyzing handwriting. Graphology is from the Greek words, "graphein" - to write, and "ology" - the study of, or "the study of handwriting". Is graphology a science? Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of personality assessment based on research conducted over a period of many years. This research was carried out by both empirical and clinical processes and further validated by statistical studies, both within and without the framework of institutions and higher education.

How is graphology used?

Handwriting analysis is used in education, guidance and vocational counseling, personnel and employment work, profiling job applicants, career assessment, relationship compatibilities, business management as well as police work and identification of fraudulent documents.

What does handwriting reveal?

An in-depth analysis gives you focused information designed to shed new light on a person's values, beliefs, personality traits, talents and abilities. It provides an accurate picture of the personality in general. It does not reveal age, gender, race, religion or handedness. This makes it a good hiring tool, as it is non-discriminatory.

Where is it used?

England, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Iceland, The Netherlands, Singapore, Israel, China, Japan, the US and many other countries.

Why is my handwriting different from day to day?

Some elements stay constant and can be identified by a trained graphologist. Other factors will change if you are angry, sad, depressed, fearful or concentrating. Handwriting maps your behavioral traits, so as those change, so does your handwriting. Your handwriting is written by your subconscious mind. An angry person cannot write like a calm person, the brain just won't let it happen. When you make conscious changes in your writing, it physically shifts the subcortical patterns of your brain.

What are some graphology organizations?

American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, American Association of Handwriting Analysts, The National Society for Graphology, The National Association of Document Examiners, to name a few.

What are some examples of a handwriting analysis?

Click here to see an example analysis of some 2008 U.S. political candidates' handwriting samples.


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