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Business Use of Handwriting Analysis

View the handwriting analysis reports for the 2012 US Presidential candidates.

"Handwriting analysis is quietly spreading through corporate America. With the government pulling the plug on polygraphs, employers clamming up on job references, and liabilities rising for the "negligent hiring" of workers, it is one alternative managers are exploring in an effort to know who they are hiring, before they hire." ---- Wall Street Journal

"It is not unusual for European companies to have full-time handwriting analysts on staff to help personnel officers read between the lines. Now in the U.S., thousands of employees and prospective employees are screened via handwriting analysis every day." ---- Forbes

A recent Princeton University study determined that 4 out of 5 people are wrong for the job in which they were hired, and in the sales field 85% of employees are terminated within 3 months. More and more employers are looking for new ideas and tools for screening potential employees. Handwriting analysis is one of those tools.

An in-depth analysis gives you focused information designed to shed new light on a person's values, beliefs, personality traits, talents and abilities. These traits are then mapped to common success factors for specific job responsibilities. Managers also analyze the traits of existing employees to review compatibilities and ensure well-rounded teams are brought together to produce quality results.

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Personal Assessment

"Neurological impulses in the brain centers which produce a change in handwriting have been the chief interest of the neurologist... We understand how the primary controlling centers of the brain influence handwriting... Areas concerned with thoughts, intellect, and emotions control the formation of the individual as a whole which is best described as 'personality'."
 ---- University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Handwriting analysis is a valuable aid in any area where a keen knowledge of human behavior is important.

  • Handwriting has also been called "mind writing" or "brain writing". All that is part of the mind is reflected by an individual in many ways, handwriting being but one.
  • The science of handwriting analysis has for many, many years been a tool to increase awareness of an individual's character or personality. Aristotle utilized the art of analyzing handwriting.
  • Your handwriting is written by your subconscious mind. An angry person cannot write like a calm person, the brain just won't let it happen. When you make conscious changes in your writing, it physically shifts the subcortical patterns of your brain.
  • All handwriting expresses the writer and his past. The experiences which are a part of the past make an impact on the writer. Interpreting how these past experiences affect the way one writes, gives handwriting analysts insights into how a writer behaves. An assessment of your handwriting will give you insights into your personality.

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Handwriting analysis gives you focused information shedding new light on a person's values, beliefs, personality traits, talents and abilities. It provides an accurate picture of the personality in general.

What personality traits are revealed through handwriting analysis? Wow! How many different personality traits are there? Introversion, extroversion, curiosity, impulsive, acquisitive, tactless, aloof, secretive, talkative, loyal, organized, team player, careless, honest, wasteful, extravagant, intolerant, rigid, generous, flexible, decisive, argumentative, stubborn, enterprising, romantic, creative, competitive, enthusiastic, dependable, responsible, integrity, good judgment, listening skills...................

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