Mitt Romney  Handwriting Analysis for Mitt Romney*

Personal Dynamics

He is not about to back off when he wants something. His determination to win may cause some to judge him as overbearing or pushy. He simply sees his behavior as a demonstration of strong willpower. He sees obstacles as molehills rather than mountains. His persistence and strong determination keep him going despite any roadblocks. Once he makes up his mind to do something, you can count on it getting done. A strong need for closure drives him to finish what he starts. He feels very antsy when there are not definite plans or things are left up in the air. It is very important to him to see tasks through to completion. While he hesitates to promote himself openly, he is quite comfortable taking the initiative when he can handle his responsibilities behind the scenes. He is fairly independent, though that does not preclude him asking the advice of others when he is unsure of himself. When difficulties or obstacles pop up in his way, he quickly finds the path of least resistance, easing around the barrier and moving on toward his objective. He has the resilience to bounce back stronger than before.

Motivating Forces

His need to convey what he feels spurs him to prod the other person into responding, even when they would rather change the subject. The aesthetic and artistic side of his nature is a great personal asset. When he allows himself the time and space to express these talents, he can find great satisfaction in them. Contentedness with a steady routine balances a moderate need for space and freedom to plan his own activities.

Ego Strength

Romney respects people who are self-confident and direct in saying what they want. He has only disdain for those who do not stand up to him. His self-esteem is strong. He is not afraid to let others see that he feels good about himself. Genuine self-confidence makes Romney proud to be what he is. Looking in the mirror holds no threat because he has withstood many tests in life and come through all the stronger. Romney knows how to grab the attention of an audience. His presentation style has enough flair to get him where he wants to go. His need to be true to himself prompts Romney to give what he feels he ought, besides serving his own needs. Romney has a sense of pride and wants to be well thought of, but is probably not going to go out of his way to earn compliments and flattery.

Defenses & Controls

If you borrow something from Romney, be sure to return it in mint condition, or you will certainly hear about it from him. He is very attached to his things and once he has ownership is very reluctant to give anything up. Although Romney is not exactly secretive, neither is he likely to indulge in idle gossip. He is congenial but circumspect in creating social boundaries. Image is not a top priority for Romney. He wants things to be well done, but is not overly concerned about what others think of his efforts. As long as he knows he has done his best, that's good enough for him. His choices tend to be middle-of-the-road, nothing too extreme or off-the-wall. He has his impulsive moments, but is not at their mercy, and in emotional situations Romney usually stays in charge of his strong feelings.

Intellectual Functions

He usually demonstrates common sense when making decisions. Once in a while though, his personal feelings may get the better of him and color the final outcome. A certain amount of curiosity is indicated, but not enough to make him dig too deeply for additional information. He is more apt to settle for the readily obtainable unless it is important to back up his opinions with provable facts. Having created a balance between common sense and imagination, he has the flexibility to act according to what is called for in a given situation. Romney wants things clear and settled rather than relying on less substantial intuition. A logical explanation and concrete facts give him a sense of being grounded. Yet, he does not entirely ignore his "sixth sense," or intuition.

Interpersonal Functions

He enjoys interacting with others and does so with considerable personal charm. He pays close attention when someone is speaking to him, making them feel as if they are the only person in the room, though there may be a crowd around them. His giving, sharing attitude brings him many friends. His buoyant outlook suggests someone who simply expects things to turn out well. In fact, he is quite surprised when his optimistic expectations go unmet. Keeping a sense of humor helps him see the lighter side of things. Although he is sensitive to friends' needs, Romney maintains his boundaries in not allowing himself to become overwhelmed by their problems.

Communication Skills

His impatience can make him come across as brusque or abrupt. He just thinks of it as being direct and candid, but others may find his lack of tact offensive. He keeps his personal feelings to himself when he is not in full agreement with others. However, when he feels that his responses will be acceptable to others, he does not mind sharing them. Those who are totally frank and outspoken with their views make Romney feel uncomfortable. He doesn't see why they feel compelled to share their opinions so candidly. When it comes to expressing his own viewpoint, he is careful to frame it in language that will be acceptable to everyone present.

Work Style

Strongly task-oriented, he is prone to do things himself than delegate assignments to others. He has a puritan work ethic that keeps his nose to the grindstone. Romney is responsive to the needs of the others in a group as long as he does not feel they are taking advantage of him. He likes getting together and collaborating as a team member, as well as spending time on his own, pondering the group discussion. Basically conservative in his approach, he is more comfortable with long-accepted ideas and principles. His focus tends more to be on carrying out previously established procedures than taking an innovative approach. Tolerably well organized, there are times when Romney tries to crowd too many tasks into a day. He should probably write things down to make sure all the important projects are handled.

Management Skills

When Romney is around, you can be sure of an exciting environment where almost anything can happen. It is clear from his upbeat, dynamic attitude that he has a strong desire to have an impact on others. He has the personal fortitude to tolerate the disapproval of others and stay on his chosen course. Repeated failures only serve to increase his determination to get where he wants to go. Dealing with conflict is not Romney's favorite activity. He would probably rather sweep unpleasantness under the rug if possible, and hope it goes away by itself. When pushed, however, he can handle a certain amount.

Red Flags

Romney's signature shows that he has extreme willpower.

CEO Job Match Rating

Romney's CEO job match rating is 70.5%.

Mitt Romney signature


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