Barack Obama  Handwriting Analysis for Barack Obama*

Personal Dynamics

Obama doesn't have a tremendous amount of endurance or determination, so he can be most successful at handling short-term projects where he can see quick results. Giving him assignments that require a great deal of long-term effort sets him up for failure. While he would rather stick to his initial plans, he has the flexibility to adapt to unscheduled events which might be hard for a more structured person. He wants everyone to be satisfied and is willing to make an effort to that end. His reactions under pressure vary according to the situation. Normally he is able to keep his emotions well in hand, but when the stress is turned up high his willpower becomes a bit shaky. Obama can usually be counted on to do his best and produce as expected. He is inclined to do what is asked of him if it does not interfere too much with his own needs. Although endowed with a moderate degree of initiative, Obama doesn't take the first step without considering the possible consequences. He wants to be sure that what he is about to do will not make him look foolish.

Motivating Forces

Obama does his best to maintain equilibrium and build a consensus, avoiding fights and arguments whenever possible. However, when his values or principles are called into question, you can expect him to come up with a sharp response. By and large he sees the value of the way things were done in the past. He probably will not expend very much energy on creating brand new methods of operating. Obama has a moderate need for freedom. Committing to a steady routine is not entirely unattractive to him, but he also needs some autonomy in his life.

Ego Strength

Although he is more often than not disposed to do what is expected of him, when the balance begins to tip in someone else's favor, his efforts seem to fall off somewhat. He is inclined to guard against feeling disadvantaged or deprived and that's what dampens his determination to do his best. He can be assertive when he needs to be, but is much happier working in a cooperative environment where everyone is amenable to making small compromises. He does not need a great deal of admiration and recognition from others to feel good about himself, but it doesn't hurt! Reasonably poised and self-assured, he is aware of his own worth. Yet, he doesn't feel compelled to advertise it and is comfortable enough to not draw undue attention to himself. He has a moderate sense of self-confidence when it comes to taking on new responsibilities. He believes in his ability to handle major undertakings successfully if they are within the realm of his experience. Obama can blend in or stand out, depending upon what is appropriate to the circumstances.

Defenses & Controls

Obama wants to do what he has to do and go on to the next thing. He is not interested in spending extra time getting every tiny detail "just so." His need for privacy is about average. Obama keeps his comments to himself when it is advisable, but has no difficulty sharing information when he believes it is appropriate. Although you could not exactly describe Obama as free and easy, neither is he particularly inhibited when it comes to controlling his impulses. He has cultivated a balance between these two aspects of his personality.

Intellectual Functions

The most wonderful products and ideas come from the imagination. And, because he is as practical as he is imaginative, Obama's ideas can breed some awesome results. He is not someone who builds castles in the air, daydreaming his way through life. Still, he is not 100% practical either. He has learned to get his needs met by combining common sense and whimsy. Meticulous analysis is not his strong suit. He wants to put new information quickly to use, rather than expending a lot of energy investigating it. Nevertheless, when analysis is called for, he can force himself do what is necessary. Although Obama has a moderate degree of intuition, he would rather not rely on it. In its place, he checks out the facts to make sure his first impressions were correct.

Interpersonal Functions

His ability to laugh with others and at himself keeps Obama from becoming too rigid. You can expect Obama to express his affection in more or less conventional ways, remembering birthdays and anniversaries with appropriate cards and gifts, doing the traditional things at holidays. While he may fluff off criticism and react to it complacently on the outside, his ego probably bruises in a tough situation. He is sensitive to the feelings of others and takes care not to tread on tender toes if at all possible. When circumstances leave Obama feeling discouraged or disappointed, he is able to work through the difficult situation and regain his sense of hopefulness.

Communication Skills

He is quick to respond in emotional situations. His warm, open manner makes it easy to read what is going on inside him. Those who are totally frank and outspoken with their views make Obama feel uncomfortable. He doesn't see why they feel compelled to share their opinions so candidly. When it comes to expressing his own viewpoint, he is careful to frame it in language that will be acceptable to everyone present.

Work Style

If you want him to do something, ask nicely. His cooperative nature distinguishes Obama as someone who is more than willing to participate on a team project. However, if the pressure is turned up too high, he is likely to retreat to a quiet place on his own. His work ethic carries him through the requirements of the day, but not too much beyond that. He has a balanced view of work and playtime, and makes the most of each at the proper time. He is more relaxed after setting up a schedule and knowing how the day is going to progress than leaving things unsettled and open.

Management Skills

Obama follows his gut instincts. He is alert and ready to take off on a new enterprise if it seems to have the slightest chance of succeeding, believing in the maxim "Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." When in a traditional power structure where the lines of authority are clearly drawn, Obama stays within his assigned place. Dealing with conflict is not Obama's favorite activity. He would probably rather sweep unpleasantness under the rug if possible, and hope it goes away by itself. When pushed, however, he can handle a certain amount.

Red Flags

Obama's signature shows that he is very shrewd.

CEO Job Match Rating

Obama's CEO job match rating is 63%.

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